Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Adaption B | Research and Ideas

Power-ups for Presidents

Simple power-ups are available throughout the course, which will also help whichever President grabs the power-up to gain the upper hand. These power-ups would be: 

Jerry Can ( Gives President Temporary Boost of Speed) 
Missiles ( Used to Blow-Up other Presidents) 
Oil barrel ( Sends oil spill behind President's Vehicle, slippery)
Cigars ( The smoke from cigars are essentially a smoke screen to use against opponents) 
Police Escort ( If President is falling behind sometimes they can pick up a temporary police escort to get up ahead without being hit. This is also double the speed of opponents) 

The President specific power-ups are gained through gaining PP (Presidential Points), these points will fill up a bar; when it is filled the President will be able to activate their own power-up to gain advantage over the opponent.


Obama is able to heal himself with the medical power of ObamaCare, this power would give off some sort of 'aura' which for a short time other presidents in the race can gain a little health too providing they are within the vicinity of Obama's Power.


He can throw film reels at opponents and ensnare them. This will slow them down temporarily. Reagan would have film reels of his old films that he stared in


Nixon's is called the 'Watergate Wire' this wire can be lassoed around the opponent in front. When this happens Nixon can look at the power up the opponent has and choose whether or not to steal it. (President Specific Power-Ups cannot be stolen) 


An army of soldiers on horses will spawn from Washington's kart, these all charge forward colliding with anything that gets in their way. 

Bush Sr and Jr

Both of the bushs are capable of getting all of the Presidential Opponents electrocuted by god. This of course being because they both believed that God spoke to them and that their actions were for God.


Lincoln's special power up would allow him summon a large storybook, this would fly Lincoln to a better position in the race. The idea for his power up comes from the fact that Lincoln was a huge 'storyteller' and it's to be said that it was one of his best presidential traits


JFKs power up would consist of him triggering zero gravity and therefore making Presidents float. The idea for this comes from the fact that he initiated the project Apollo mission. 


Trump will turn all Presidents into gold temporarily thus slowing them during this time.

Karts of the Presidents


Obamas kart would be much like a cartoon ambulance. The ambulance in question would have some core parts of the ambulance stripped away. The colour of the ambulance will be all the colours of the LGBTQ flag to represent Obamas support for legalising gay marriage. 


Car is a American football stretcher ( like a golf caddy) , the bumper would be the goalpost with the two prongs touching car, this would make a battering ram. The idea is to push foward the fact that he was a famous actor. 


Nixon's kart will be an undercover van that poses as a florist van but is in fact a van used for tapping. This is a way of showing that Richard Nixon was an infamous liar and covered - up a lot of his acts including tapping into people's conversations etc. 


For washingtons kart the plan would be for the kart to be made of wood and controlled by horses. This would make Washingtons kart instead more of a chariot or horse-drawn carriage

Bush Sr and Jr

As I think it would be better to place both bush presidents together, I feel it would be fitting if the two were to race in a motorbike with sidecar. This vehicle would be the colours of typical Texan motorsport racing. I.e evil knievel style 


I believe Lincoln's vehicle should be his throne/chair surrounded by other marble fixtures and accompanied by a cat that sits with Lincoln during the race. Lincolns kart should also be pulled by a variety of different large animal. This would be down to the fact that Lincoln loves all sorts of animals. 


JFK's car would represent his womanising behaviour. This would be represented through the length of the car. The idea for this is inspired from the vehicle that can be seen in wacky races being used by Peter Perfect. The long car is a symbol of the man lacking something down below and must feel the need to boast with his car to attract ladies. 


Trumps kart would be made of solid gold and would be the best kart money can buy. When trump boosts it would release dollar bills. The kart will essentially look like a very expensive soft top sports car. The only problem is that the soft top roof doesn't quite fit and stay still and therefore flails in the wind. Much like Trump's toupee would do the same if he was travelling high speeds.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Adaption A | Dragster with Titles and Background Test

I'm Quite pleased with this outcome. I feel like Adding the background to the test made everything pop a bit more. I'm also impressed that I was able to create the track as a flat piece and was then able to make it 3d in After Effects. Now I have to jump back in and try some different transitions to talk about the different Dragster parts. This will be done so that I don't continue using zooming in and out and simple fading for anything.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mudbox | Extracting Normal Maps

As I missed last weeks lesson I thought it be best to catch back up. Above is my attempt at using the stencil tool give the lizard some scales. After I finished this procedure I extracted the normal maps and then lowered the strength of the normal map as it made the shadows too dark.

Adaption A | Dragster with Titles Test #1

I wanted to test what i would be like I was to bring in the titles after the Dragster had accelerated away. I think it will need tidying up for the final part but I also wish to create a background that will make the whole infographic pop. I want to go over every asset and make sure that it is all completely graphical and has matching line work.

Another important side note, the car used in the tests is not the finished piece as there will be a few visual issues. This won't be an issue when it comes to the animation changing as the files I am using are created in Illustrator and will update in After Effects with each change.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Adaption A | Dragster Burnout Test #1

I am quite pleased with the outcome of the smoke, I would like to use this effects for when the car is accelerating and doing a burnout at the starting line. The Back wheel I used was a different one that i used just for testing purposes. The final dragster will have different wheels on it.

Adaption A | Dragster v3

With the previous design the problem is that some of the line work didn't match up and felt like it was a design that was from two different worlds. Therefore i went back into illustrator and used the pen tool to clean-up the line work further.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Adaption A | Updated Dragster Side Design

After having a small meeting with Alan yesterday, we both agreed that the previous design of the dragster was too thin and wasn't graphical enough. The advice i received was to go into illustrator in order to create a better version. Above is the outcome of the attempt to create the Dragster in Illustrator.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Maya | Animating using a Dope Sheet (Drunk Max Walk)

In today's lesson I carried on with animating Max. I chose to animate his walk cycle as a drunk walk. This has been more of a challenge than the standard walk cycle but I prefer something that will be a bit more difficult to get to grips with, if it is going to have a greater reward.

Adaption A | Scipt

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Adaption A | Dragster Design

The designs above are of the Top Fuel Dragster fully assembled and broken down. The reason I have done my designs like this is because I will be able to hide parts of the car to show the anatomy in greater detail. A few bits need to be sorted before this can be declared as the final design. I would need to go back and make sure the exhausts are coming out of the chassis rather than dwelling behind and probably go back and add some decals to the Dragster shell. Also the shell needs some depth too as it looks too graphical at the moment.