Thursday, 17 November 2016

Character | Slight Change to Idea

Instead of a story where the magician is turning rockers into certain things. I have instead decided to scrap the idea of it being at a fair ground with a magician instead it will briefly be at a concert where the 'Rocker' characters die due to a technical accident on stage.

This is where they are transported down to the hell, the first person they are greeted by after taking in the sights is the devil. The devil compliments the rockers by saying " you guys are the greatest duo since Hewlett and Packard" a puff of smoke appears and then so does people who look like Hewlett and Packard, they are carrying big, bulky computers. They're hunched over and look particularly nerdy.  The Devil then swiftly announces" No, no, no! Like Lennon and McCartney" with another puff of smoke, John Lennon and Paul McCartney appear wearing their Sgt. Pepper uniforms. After the appearance of John and Paul, the devil shouts "No, Ben and Jerry!" They both appear with a puff of smoke, one is about to eat some Ben and Jerrys and the other is watching and waiting for his turn. After showing the celebrities, the devil wisps over to the two rockers with a contract, he unrolls the contract and smiles devilishly.