Sunday, 6 May 2018

Major Project | Issues with Jayden Body @Alan

Unfortunately I have hit a bit of a snag in my animation process. When I go to scrub along the timeline or even play blast a little scene the body of Jayden will disfigure and then move around the scene with a speedy pace.

As it can be seen in the two images, Jayden has detached from his rig. The rig still remains animated, but other than that I haven't a clue as to why it is doing it. It is becoming a bit of an annoyance as i wanted to send off a few bits to Conductor.

Any advice or help would be welcomed :)

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Major Project | Jayden Animation Tests

A few tests that I have tried as I have been animating. 

Major Project | Environment | New lighting and Clouds!

After changing the exposure on the skydome and directional lights in the scene,  I noticed that I had been using the intensity to increase the light.  This was making the scene seem dull. To make the scene look as though it had clouds and a clear blue sky in the distance, I applied a ramp onto the skydome and modelled the clouds so that they felt more real within the scene.

Major Project | Finished Jayden's Room Render

Another location for Jayden to be part of! Despite only featuring in the animation briefly I modelled the room of Jayden, had quite a bit of fun making the two posters for his wall too!

Major Project | Finished Bowling Alley Render

Originally I had only one light within the bowling alley scene. This light made the bowling alley feel disused and bland. For me, I associate bright neon lights with a bowling alley, therefore it felt right adding the mesh lights to replicate those neon lights.

To keep the 'Scribbly' effect In tact across the scenes, I made the bowling pins and floor to look this way.

When I add the Transformer and Jayden to the scene for the bowling scene, I feel i will most likely have to increase the brightness within the scene as it feels a little too grey in some areas.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Major Project | Animation Test | Playblast

Little snippet from the animation I am doing for Jayden at the minute. This test is mostly to see what the lip-syncing looks like. After adding more lip-sync animation to the already animated body, I will post the updates. I'm really liking the way Jayden is turning out at the moment, hopefully he develops a lot more over the coming days.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Major Project | Finished Corrective Blend Shapes | Jayden

Elbow Blend Shapes (Forward)
Shoulder Blend Shape (Downward)
Shoulder Blend Shape (Forward)
Shoulder Blend Shape (Backward)
Shoulder Blend Shape (Upward)

Ankle Blend Shape (Side)

Knee Bend Blend Shape 

Upper Leg Blend Shape (Backwards)

Upper Leg Blend Shape (Sideways

Upper Leg Blend Shape (Forwards)

 For the joints of the Jayden model I had to make sure that the model was skinned correctly to the model first. As I wanted the model to be on the chubbier side, there was lots of clipping and volume loss as the model bent in different positions. Therefore blend shapes had to be used in order to correct these issues.