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CG Artist's Toolkit Submission | 19/05/2017

Jetpack Jones 

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Maya Tutorial | Game Assets | High-Res

World Animation | Film Review | Waltz with Bashir

"This extraordinary animated documentary by Israeli film-maker Ari Folman - a kind of fictionalised docu-autobiography - suggests that Israelis have indeed forgotten, in a kind of huge, willed amnesia" (Bradshaw, 2008) Not only that but Waltz with Bashir , focuses on the journey of a ex-fighter who has amnesia and PTSD and he is trying to find clues as to why he has the same nightmare over and over. The nightmare that he constantly has is that he can hear screaming, he can see people in despair but doesn't know why. The real reason that Ari is feeling like this is because 300 Christian militia was responsible for Mutilating about 3000 refugees from Beirut.

As the story progresses we start to see the story from many different people's perspectives. With each story the overall film becomes more grittier and real to the audience. Although as an audience it feels hard to 100% connect with the animation the characters, "they are still, "cut-outs" in which one limb might move while the rest remains static. The effect should be flat, but the low-tech style somehow conveys an emotional depth that catches you by surprise. The characters appear in two dimensions, yet are intensely human." (Bradshaw, 2008)

Combined together this animation makes for uneasy viewing. It is still amazing in it's own right and does provoke, although the film does catch it's audience unaware and really hits home the message when we are presented with the real life deaths of refugees at the end of them film. That made the film real, and in everyones minds; that bit more tragic.


Fig 1. Bradshaw, P (2008) Waltz with Bashir At Accessed 18/05/2017

Image Sources

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Fig 2. Water Walk [Film Still] At: Accessed 18/05/2017

World Animation | Film Review | Ethel and Ernest

Raymond Brigg's Ethel and Ernest (2016) is a heartwarming true story that follows the lives of his parents. Right from the point of meeting each other to there end of their life's.

Raymond Brigg's is best known for his animation and story 'The Snowman'  (1978). Not only did it become a well-loved classic, it was nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film. It would seem that Raymond Briggs loves christmas and things to do with it. This can be told by the fact that Raymond has released two other animations/stories both based upon Father Christmas. One is called 'Father Christmas' (1973) and then a follow-up called 'Father Christmas goes on Holiday' (1975)

As time moved on less and less was heard of Raymond until he released the charming Ethel and Ernest. The story of Ethel and Ernest takes us back to the late 1920's where Ethel and Ernest meet for the first time. Ethel before Ernest was a maid for a lady and believed that she would end-up in a middle class world and had the demeanour to go with it. Whereas Ernest stole her heart by arriving each day with some new milk for the lady and Ethel. After some visuals of each other, Ernest plucks up the courage and asks Ethel out, this goes well and leads to the marriage of the two. The two then have Raymond and bring him up in a quant little house in the London Suburbs.

The film touches upon several dark topics as we watch Ethel and Ernest live through the troubles of WWII. This includes seeing death, poverty and destruction everywhere. Not only that but they also have to allow Raymond to be evacuated to a safer place. Ethel and Ernest try to remain in good spirits throughout the story.

To be able to make true story seem like a well animated documentary, Raymond Briggs has certainly achieved a timeless piece that addresses more issues than his prior work.

Image Sources

Fig 1. Ethel, Ernest and Raymond [Film Still] At: Accessed 18/05/2017

Fig 2. Raymond being Evacuated [Film Still] At: Accessed 18/05/2017

Maya Tutorial | Pipeline 1 Skinning | Binding and Weight Grouping the Mesh

Sculpting Lessons 2-3 | Buzz Lightyear

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of my progress at the end of the first week of sculpting. Although despite this I have got the other two. I would like to expand further on this clay bust and hopefully add Buzz's chest.

End of Week 2

End of Week 3

Maya Tutorial | Skinning | Building a Skeleton

Here is the skeleton in which I made to go inside Jetpack Jones, the only problem is i forgot to take a picture of the skeleton before I started to bind the skin.

Maya Tutorial | Skinning | Part 1 | Building a Ribbon Spine

Maya Tutorial | Pipeline 1 Uv Layout

Before starting to UV the body and head I had to go through and clean-up a few areas in the mesh. The main places were the throat, lips and eyes. Fortunately after trying many attempts to get a successful UV i managed to get the above images.

Maya Tutorial | Pipeline 1 Body Modelling | Finished Body

Maya Tutorial | Pipeline 1 3d Head Modelling | Finished Head

Part 14 - Snagging List 

Maya Tutorial | Game Assets | UV layout

Maya Tutorial | Games Assets | Low-Poly

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World Animation | Film Review | Sita Sings the Blues

Fig 1. Sita Sings the Blues Film Cover

In order for a company of animators to create a 3d or even 2d animation it would take a large amount of time and perseverance to complete a film. Nina Paley manages to create a delightful and culturally fit film. By "Pairing aggressive visuals with art-history chops and anything-goes ideology, she’s made something universal and completely unique." (Fears, 2011)

The film in question is Sita Sings the Blues. It seems to be that people are divided upon their views on this film, as some feels it doesn't represent the Hindu religion properly, Unfortunately Paley suffered a lot of backlash for this animation because of these reasons and more. As Paley made Sita Sings the Blues on her own, she was the boss of all creative choices. This lead to her having a few different animations styles used throughout the film "Paley's penchant for mixing styles - slick computer animation, chicken-scratch comic-strip drawings, and rapid-fire photo collages - only underlines the myriad of methods for spinning the same yarn, though the musical vignettes court repetitiveness," (Fears ,2011) The mis-matching of music, as the animation was based upon a Hindu epic was unforgivable for some people.

Fig 2. Rama and Sita

Despite taking a brave approach which didn't pay off so well, there was a personal story of Nina interwoven into the story of Ramayana. Now this probably was the reason for the backfire as Nina is from America."Sita Sings the Blues' is based on an adaptation of the Ramayana, a Hindu epic, and some Hindus find the film offensive. Hinduism has a strong scriptural tradition of commentary and debate; there is often virulent disagreement," (Haas, 2011)

It can be argued that Nina received large amounts of backlash for associating her story of being betrayed by a man with the story of Ramayana. But despite all of the controversy around the creation of Sita Sings the Blues, if you stand back and watch it from an artist's perspective you can at least see this more of a piece of visual art, that is both widely risky but also daring and stunning. It can be seen as more of a visual marvel as it was one person who generated everything behind this film. It clearly took a lot of determination from Nina to remain resilient and still release the animation despite suffering large copyright implications. This of course meaning Nina does not make money from the film other than receiving donations from loyal fans to her work.


Fear, D. (2011) Sita Sings the Blues At: Accessed on: 15/05/2017

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Image Sources

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Fig 2. Rama and Sita [Film Screenshot] At: Accessed on: 15/05/2017

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

World Animation | Film Review | Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli has managed to produce a large array of timeless classics that have always stood out in our minds. Their special style of creating detailed animations with complex characters and themes to go with the complexity, has been some of the main reasons why Studio Ghibli is so beloved inside of Japan and the rest of the world. In term's of popularity in the western world Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away (2001) was the biggest success out of any of the film's created by this company.
Fig 1. Spirited Away Film Poster

It can be agreed that some of the success that followed Spirited Away was down to the mixture of both Eastern and Western influences, The western influences helped make western audiences be able to approach Spirited Away in a way that they could relate to unlike some other animes that might be otherwise confusing to a western viewer. "it's undoubtedly in a class and genre of its own: its alien, exotic qualities, all the more intense for a non-Japanese audience, are part of how extraordinarily pleasurable it is to watch" (Bradshaw, 2003)

"the fact that Miyazaki and his team hand-draw the images before they're digitally coloured and animated gives them an artistry that has been woefully lacking from so many recent American features." (Peters, 2015) Studio Ghibli itself proves over and over that there conventions for animating gives us beautiful and elegant animations. The elegance comes from the amount of effort and patience poured into each animation by Studio Ghibli's team.

Spirited Away doesn't just look incredible on screen, but also addresses a variety of different moral lessons that would align with the Japanese culture more than anything. The Moral lessons that stand out in Spirited Away is certainly that working hard and staying dedicated pays off, family come first and should always be cared for, others should be cared for too and that respect should be given to everyone especially those older than you. Chihiro is at first ignorant to all of the vital moral lessons and is impolite to everyone (Including her parents). She is also extremely stubborn at the start of the film. As the film progresses Chihiro learns to overcome any fears and becomes determined to rescue her parents from staying as pigs. Ultimately maturing and proving that love and respect are the foundations of growing up.

Fig 2. Chihiro Disappointingly looking at her Parents 

Not only does Spirited Away home in on moral messages but it also teaches one main moral message that resonates throughout Spirited Away. That moral message is that being greedy badly affects everyone. Throughout this film there is several clear metaphors of greed "Chihiro's parents fall eagerly upon the counter jammed with food and stuff their mouths...they eat so much they double or triple in size." (Ebert, 2012) This is the scene where Chihiro's parents become pigs after eating much like one. Greed in Spirited Away, when using the parent pigs as an example is clearly contagious. Anyone who partakes gets swallowed into darkness. Other examples throw themselves at us, one clear one that exists is No Face. No Face is a character in Spirited Away who absorbs the energy of his environment, be it bad or good. He becomes embodied by greed and hands out gold to everyone as the bathhouse where it contains several greedy people including Yubaba, The Evil Witch. Yubaba is responsible for stealing her employee's names so that they are bound to work in the bathhouse forever.

Fig 3. No Face (Greed Version) Offering gold

Overall, the tone and visuals of Spirited Away certainly marks a point in everyone's memory. It is a well-rounded masterpiece that acts as a eastern/western style hybrid animation. It can certainly be treasured with all ages and cultures.


Fig 1. Bradshaw, P. (2003) Spirited Away At: Accessed 14/05/2017

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaption B - Reflective Statement

I feel today's crit was certainly eye-opening. This largely is because I have  had a realisation that putting off work is only damaging my grade and my stress levels. Of course in return the stress levels are making my work turn out to be worse quality. Today I also learnt that I am capable of making 3D models and applying myself to get work done, I just need to learn to get into the work earlier.

Although despite this I feel the final model I presented and the UVing process helped me learn more technical features I can use in maya.

After today's crit I aim to speed up my drawing and it's quality. I also know that I shouldn't let myself get behind on any opportunity to enhance my skills in both 3D and 2D.

Adaption B - Crit Presentation

Monday, 8 May 2017

Adaption B | Trump Kart Progress

Kart Body Modelling

Body with Front and rear Megaphones

Wheels Added

Seat and Steering Wheel added in

After I had modeled the kart I wanted to try some texturing on the models to see how they would wrap.
Below are the screenshots of the example textures applied to the kart model.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Adaption B | Trump Orthographics (Improved)

After having a talk with Alan today we established that the side view of Trump was incorrect and didn't match up to the front view. I have since gone back in and re-adjusted the proportions of some things. The above image is the outcome of this.

Adaption B | Trump Orthographics

Adaption B | Trump's Kart Orthographics

Adaption B | Trump and Kart

Adaption B | Trump Kart Designs

For these designs I tried to solidify the look of Trump's Kart. After drawing and exploring different types of vehicle that could work for Trump, I have chose the child car kart to use for the final design and model of Donald Trump. I feel like this car best suits his babyish personality. Personally i do like some of the other designs shown such as: 2, 4 and 5 in particular.

Adaption B | President Designs

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Adaption B | Research and Ideas

Power-ups for Presidents

Simple power-ups are available throughout the course, which will also help whichever President grabs the power-up to gain the upper hand. These power-ups would be: 

Jerry Can ( Gives President Temporary Boost of Speed) 
Missiles ( Used to Blow-Up other Presidents) 
Oil barrel ( Sends oil spill behind President's Vehicle, slippery)
Cigars ( The smoke from cigars are essentially a smoke screen to use against opponents) 
Police Escort ( If President is falling behind sometimes they can pick up a temporary police escort to get up ahead without being hit. This is also double the speed of opponents) 

The President specific power-ups are gained through gaining PP (Presidential Points), these points will fill up a bar; when it is filled the President will be able to activate their own power-up to gain advantage over the opponent.


Obama is able to heal himself with the medical power of ObamaCare, this power would give off some sort of 'aura' which for a short time other presidents in the race can gain a little health too providing they are within the vicinity of Obama's Power.


He can throw film reels at opponents and ensnare them. This will slow them down temporarily. Reagan would have film reels of his old films that he stared in


Nixon's is called the 'Watergate Wire' this wire can be lassoed around the opponent in front. When this happens Nixon can look at the power up the opponent has and choose whether or not to steal it. (President Specific Power-Ups cannot be stolen) 


An army of soldiers on horses will spawn from Washington's kart, these all charge forward colliding with anything that gets in their way. 

Bush Sr and Jr

Both of the bushs are capable of getting all of the Presidential Opponents electrocuted by god. This of course being because they both believed that God spoke to them and that their actions were for God.


Lincoln's special power up would allow him summon a large storybook, this would fly Lincoln to a better position in the race. The idea for his power up comes from the fact that Lincoln was a huge 'storyteller' and it's to be said that it was one of his best presidential traits


JFKs power up would consist of him triggering zero gravity and therefore making Presidents float. The idea for this comes from the fact that he initiated the project Apollo mission. 


Trump will turn all Presidents into gold temporarily thus slowing them during this time.

Karts of the Presidents


Obamas kart would be much like a cartoon ambulance. The ambulance in question would have some core parts of the ambulance stripped away. The colour of the ambulance will be all the colours of the LGBTQ flag to represent Obamas support for legalising gay marriage. 


Car is a American football stretcher ( like a golf caddy) , the bumper would be the goalpost with the two prongs touching car, this would make a battering ram. The idea is to push foward the fact that he was a famous actor. 


Nixon's kart will be an undercover van that poses as a florist van but is in fact a van used for tapping. This is a way of showing that Richard Nixon was an infamous liar and covered - up a lot of his acts including tapping into people's conversations etc. 


For washingtons kart the plan would be for the kart to be made of wood and controlled by horses. This would make Washingtons kart instead more of a chariot or horse-drawn carriage

Bush Sr and Jr

As I think it would be better to place both bush presidents together, I feel it would be fitting if the two were to race in a motorbike with sidecar. This vehicle would be the colours of typical Texan motorsport racing. I.e evil knievel style 


I believe Lincoln's vehicle should be his throne/chair surrounded by other marble fixtures and accompanied by a cat that sits with Lincoln during the race. Lincolns kart should also be pulled by a variety of different large animal. This would be down to the fact that Lincoln loves all sorts of animals. 


JFK's car would represent his womanising behaviour. This would be represented through the length of the car. The idea for this is inspired from the vehicle that can be seen in wacky races being used by Peter Perfect. The long car is a symbol of the man lacking something down below and must feel the need to boast with his car to attract ladies. 


Trumps kart would be made of solid gold and would be the best kart money can buy. When trump boosts it would release dollar bills. The kart will essentially look like a very expensive soft top sports car. The only problem is that the soft top roof doesn't quite fit and stay still and therefore flails in the wind. Much like Trump's toupee would do the same if he was travelling high speeds.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Adaption A | Dragster with Titles and Background Test

I'm Quite pleased with this outcome. I feel like Adding the background to the test made everything pop a bit more. I'm also impressed that I was able to create the track as a flat piece and was then able to make it 3d in After Effects. Now I have to jump back in and try some different transitions to talk about the different Dragster parts. This will be done so that I don't continue using zooming in and out and simple fading for anything.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mudbox | Extracting Normal Maps

As I missed last weeks lesson I thought it be best to catch back up. Above is my attempt at using the stencil tool give the lizard some scales. After I finished this procedure I extracted the normal maps and then lowered the strength of the normal map as it made the shadows too dark.

Adaption A | Dragster with Titles Test #1

I wanted to test what i would be like I was to bring in the titles after the Dragster had accelerated away. I think it will need tidying up for the final part but I also wish to create a background that will make the whole infographic pop. I want to go over every asset and make sure that it is all completely graphical and has matching line work.

Another important side note, the car used in the tests is not the finished piece as there will be a few visual issues. This won't be an issue when it comes to the animation changing as the files I am using are created in Illustrator and will update in After Effects with each change.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Adaption A | Dragster Burnout Test #1

I am quite pleased with the outcome of the smoke, I would like to use this effects for when the car is accelerating and doing a burnout at the starting line. The Back wheel I used was a different one that i used just for testing purposes. The final dragster will have different wheels on it.

Adaption A | Dragster v3

With the previous design the problem is that some of the line work didn't match up and felt like it was a design that was from two different worlds. Therefore i went back into illustrator and used the pen tool to clean-up the line work further.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Adaption A | Updated Dragster Side Design

After having a small meeting with Alan yesterday, we both agreed that the previous design of the dragster was too thin and wasn't graphical enough. The advice i received was to go into illustrator in order to create a better version. Above is the outcome of the attempt to create the Dragster in Illustrator.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Maya | Animating using a Dope Sheet (Drunk Max Walk)

In today's lesson I carried on with animating Max. I chose to animate his walk cycle as a drunk walk. This has been more of a challenge than the standard walk cycle but I prefer something that will be a bit more difficult to get to grips with, if it is going to have a greater reward.

Adaption A | Scipt

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Adaption A | Dragster Design

The designs above are of the Top Fuel Dragster fully assembled and broken down. The reason I have done my designs like this is because I will be able to hide parts of the car to show the anatomy in greater detail. A few bits need to be sorted before this can be declared as the final design. I would need to go back and make sure the exhausts are coming out of the chassis rather than dwelling behind and probably go back and add some decals to the Dragster shell. Also the shell needs some depth too as it looks too graphical at the moment.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Adaption B | Race to the Whitehouse

Race to the Whitehouse

Originally the idea I had for Adaption B was to take various world leaders from different eras and attempt to mash them with a Mario-kart style world and game play physics.

After the tutorial with Alan we both agreed that the world leaders would be too broad and would translate better if it were to be based around the American Presidents instead.

When trying to incorporate the American Presidents, Me and Alan figured that a Mario kart style game would be better if it was the Presidents racing to the Whitehouse as if it were some sort of cannonball run or Rat Race in karts that each represent the President for their popularity, public views and maybe even some urban legends.

The Presidents would be racing to the Whitehouse whilst collecting popularity as if they would during an election. This would require them to use 'power-ups' to get the upper hand over each other. These 'power-ups' would potentially reflect the presidents election tactics or again, something that they are renowned for. For example, Obama is renowned for Obamacare therefore could be in a medical related vehicle or use medical related 'power-ups'

I would like the final outcome of this project to result in having two karts with corresponding Presidents modeled. These would have a few animation cycles that will consist of the President standing by the car, then climbing in it and driving away. The other animation cycles could be him driving, using a 'power-up', and idle cycle.

This of course will mean researching into each president that I desire to be in the race. Below is some of the presidents that I will Research into, design and may have as my final product:

  • George Washington
  • Barack Obama 
  • George Bush Senior/Junior
  • Ronald Reagen
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Richard Nixon
  • Bill Clinton
  • Andrew Jackson 

Adaption A | The Science of a Dragster

For the Adaption A project I have decided that the subject for the infographic will be 'The Science of a Top-Fuel Dragster'.

The idea for the infographic is to showcase a top-fuel dragster and all the vital parts that make it the fastest accelerating car on earth.  To introduce all of the scientific facts to the infographic i wish to show the run of a top fuel dragster in slow motion so that i can show all the facts about specific parts coming from the locations they are found. I aim to talk about the facts in a order of which they are used. As the run is a straight line the infographic will follow a straight line also. After the slowed down run is finished and all of the facts are introduced the dragster will do a real time run to show the audience how fast it actually is.

As the infographic is about the science behind the Dragster's effectiveness and speed there must be a lot of research done into specific parts of the Dragster. I have therefore collated several facts about the Clutch, Engine, Tires, Management system, Supercharger and the Fuel system.

General Top-Fuel Dragster Facts

  • The car weighs 2000 pounds 
  • It is 500 cubic inches
  • It can do 0-120 mph in less than 1 second
  • It has 5G acting on the Dragster at it's highest speed 
  • It is the fastest accelerating car in the world.
  • It generates roughly 8000 horsepower 
  • A Dragster can hit 300 mph in the same time it takes a standard road car to go from 0-30 mph
  • The wind resistance hitting the Dragster slows it down to 4G
Engine Facts 
  • Engine is a V8 Chrysler Hemi
  • The engine block is made from billet aluminium 
  • The cylinder head is also billet aluminium 
  • The cylinder is a 2 valve hemispherical combustion chamber 
  • The engine ignites through the use of magnetos
  • It's 43 gallons of fuel that passes through the engine and to fire it off 2 spark plugs and 2 magnetos 
  • 1 magneto generates 44 amps of primary current 
Super Charger Facts
  • The atmospheric pressure pushes the air fuel mixture then it is forced into the engine under pressure, The job of the Supercharger is to allow this 
  • A standard car will breath air at atmospheric pressure 
  • Through the intake valve the Supercharger will take a large gulp of air and then force that into the intake manifold
  • Near this there will be a reserve that will build up to approx 50 PSI of manifold pressure
  • Because air is being pressurized in the intake, the stream will result in a significant horsepower gain 
  • Although because of this process it will absorb 600 horsepower as a parasitic loss 
Some Pit Facts

The engine virtually destroys itself during a run and will need some love and care to get it to it's finest again. Although there are a few other things that may need replaced or refurbishing after a run.
They are:
  • Rings
  • Spark Plugs 
  • Connecting Rods
  • Clutch 
  • Pistons
In one run the cost can be up to $5000 in fuel, bearings, valve springs and other parts.

Fuel Facts 

  • Is Nitro Methane
  • Because more burning is possible more power is needed
  • Fuel tank is made of Aluminum 
  • Fits in the frame rails towards front of TFD
  • Tank can hold 17 Gallons 
  • Fuel line is 2 and a half inches in diameter 
  • A gallon of Nitro Methane costs $35
  • Fuel pump can pump fuel at 100 gallons per minute 
  • 1.3 gallons of fuel will be consumed by engine per second during quarter mile run 
Clutch Facts
  • Is the buffer between the engine and tires 
  • It uses 6 discs in a TFD
  • Several Levers on Clutch
  • This is because the TFD has no transmission
  • It is made from Sintered Iron ( Made from iron powder in a process that insures simpler fabrication and higher purity
  • Clamped with centrifugal clutch
  • During a run the discs will get so hot that 2 or more can weld together 
Tire Facts
  • Side walls of tires are 150.000 slick
  • The tires have a wrinkle wall slick meaning large flexibility when needed 
  • When starting tire will stick down to make a bigger footprint
  • the 36 inch diameter tires will expand to 44 inches tall during the run
  • The large tires on the back and the small tires on the front help to maximize straight line acceleration and speed.
  • Tires can last up to 8 runs
  • they cost $700 each
Management System Facts
  • Clutch engagement, ignition timing and fuel delivery settings are controlled via a small computer 
  • its located on the dash in front of the driver
  • Its a base set-up of ignition maps 
  • Clutch management is entered before the run and in the pit.
  • The final set-up is put into the car in the staging lanes, just before the run.
Parachute Facts

  • Parachute deploys at 300 mph
  • Normally used in the end, the parachute flys in the back and catches the air, therefore giving resistance force against the speeding car going the other way. The speed at which the car is going is the very thing that is used to slow it down. The air trapped inside the parachute will be pushed against the car that is going the other way, which will reverse the car's speed to resistance force. Causing the car to slow down. The brakes would not be able to handle such speeds alone.
  • Is released from a pre-packed parachute bag

Body Facts
  • Need to be as light as possible
  • Can be made from carbon fiber and aluminum 
  • Depends on chassis size as too how much is needed

Spoiler Facts

In the same way an airplane wing works to create lift, a Top Fuel Dragster’s wing works to create down force. As illustrated to the right, a wing’s shape dictates how the air moves over and under the wing. A wing has a high pressure side and low pressure side. The high pressure side pushes on the low pressure side. So the direction of this push either creates lift or down force.

The longer it takes for the air to pass over/under the wing, the lower the pressure will be on that side of the wing. And the faster the air moves over/under the wing, the higher the pressure will be on that side. So a Top Fuel Dragster’s wing is designed for the air to move as fast as possible over the wing and take as long as possible to travel under the wing. To create the down force needed to get the tires to gain and keep traction with the race track, three separate wings are combined to make the one big rear wing.

Chassis Facts

300 inches of chromoly steel tubing are required to keep a Top Fuel Dragster going in a straight line down the race track. 300 inches is the maximum wheelbase allowed by the NHRA. This long wheelbase helps the dragster keep its course and flexes at launch. The flex of the chassis allows some of the energy of the launch to be absorbed which helps the dragster gain traction.

4 main frame rails, two top and two bottom on each side, are the main structure with additional pieces creating triangles for strength. The most visible component of the chassis is the roll cage to protect the driver. The roll cage is a 6-point cage that protects the drivers head in case of an accident. It gets its name of a 6-pont cage because there are 6 points where the roll cage connects to the chassis.

Source List

Friday, 27 January 2017

Adaption B | Further Ideas

Mario Kart Adaptation - World Leaders? Cartoon Characters?

The way in which I would like to make this idea come to life is take each iconic world leader from a different country and model a Mario-style kart for them to race on a track. For the designs of each character I plan to take the traits, characteristics, time period and cultural background of each world leader and create a car that would have the essence and personality of that leader translated onto it.

The characters themselves would be designed in a cartoonist style, much like the style seen in many of the much famous Mario Kart 1-8, Super Smash Bros series and many more. As the characters in the game would be based off of the appearance of the real-life leaders, I would like to design the to be like a caricature of each leader.

I would like each leader to be the most iconic of the corresponding country as that allows me to select a leader from any era, much like the character selection that can be found in Sid Meier's Civilization. Each character in the Civilization games has theirs most significant features exaggerated slightly. I plan to do the same thing but also shrink them into a little kart and exaggerate the characters even further.

By Introducing historical figures to a Mario kart style world, there will need to be power-ups available that match the style of the game. For this adaption I would create power-ups that are universal for any character and can be picked up in the race by any character. On the other hand there would be specific power-ups that would only be accessible to certain characters i.e Abe Lincoln being able to use a homing eagle. Also each track could feature in a different time period and country. Maybe even during a specific battle?

With time taken into consideration i know that it wouldn't be possible to make the track and an array of characters therefore I may have to design a selection and only take one or two to the final stages.

Little brother Adaption

For this idea I would like to take a few recordings of my little brothers 'made-up' stories, of which are concocted on the spot usually and doesn't really make a huge amount of sense.

But the general premise is that I would like to use these recordings to be able to create a small animation where the words that are are recorded from him are taken literally to form some sort of character and slight plot. The character would most likely be Jayden (little brother) actually experiencing or "living out" one of the random nonsensical stories.

For this I would have to take a trip to Kettering for the weekend to record a series of different takes so that I can select from a few different story ideas. Of course Jayden will probably insist on some sort of payment (sweets) to liven his stories up a bit.

It maybe to my delight or despair that Jayden's stories are so fantastical and nonsensical. Trying to capture a good art style would be my main challenge and also sticking to it. As the project would be based around the adaption of Jayden's story as told by him, I feel that the designs should be more like a kids drawing on a notebook of a person rather than a normal generic character, although if the character is to be Jayden himself then maybe it'll be more worth keeping the character design more geared towards Jayden's personality.

Take famous hero and villain and turn it into a slapstick cartoon

The idea for this would be to take a classic good vs evil pairing a pit them against each other. Much like how the comedy/action would pan out for classic animated cartoons like : Wile E Coyote and Road Runner as well as Tom and Jerry.

This would of course making a list of different opposing characters and weighing in on which ones could work. For example Sherlock Holmes trying to chase after Jim Moriarty would translate to a cartoon environment where everything is over exaggerated. My job would be to model each of the opposing characters and create animation cycles for both of them, where they will either do an action on their own or with the other character.

There is many examples of opposing characters that could work if there were transported to the work of looney tunes and such.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mudbox Tutorial | Week 2

In today's lesson we experimented with a pre-modelled robot. I tried to get the post apocalyptic vibe going with mine. Next week i intend to learn more to do with painting on the model. I would also like to use the freeze tool a little more also.