Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage | OGR 1

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  1. OGR 03/03/2016

    Evening Sam,

    Well, in broad terms I like the sound of this very much - you're setting up the immune system as a kind of X-Men/Justice League/Avengers combo, and I like the retro charms of the news-print approach too. Just a word of advice - please don't give your characters capes - trust me on this (they'll be nothing but trouble technically), find other ways to signal their super-heroness. By avoiding capes too you'll be creating cleaner, more crisp shapes. To pull this idea off, you've got to keep going back to those early comics to inform your designs; for example, we now the macrophage is a big bruiser, so is in the 'Hulk' mode, while some of the others are perhaps characterised by their speed, for example. Look at the character types in comic books, map them onto your elements, and keep the associations nice and close. I assume, if you're using the comic aesthetic, that you're planning on including text elements (info) as integrated elements, the way text etc appears in comic strips themselves? That said, you might also need the talents of some voice-over artists - take a look at this great animated comic used to promote the film I Am Legend way back when:

    Notice too this animations use of flat work in combination with more 3D elements - it's a very interesting mix. Very clearly, you're going to need a script - but I suggest too that you REALLY look at the way comic panels are laid out and the action is described, because all this knowledge will help you nail the look, tone and pace of your animation... and Sam, don't underestimate just how much DESIGN your idea demands - a band of distinctly different, but heroic characters vs a classic comic villain... And there's the environments to think about too... (the design of which was completely over-looked in your previous project disappointingly...). Looking at comics as homework? Yes, really - not get stuck in - oh and remember that one important design feature of early comic books - limited colour ranges. I suggest you consider colour-picking from some actual examples of early comic books to assist your design development.