Friday, 19 May 2017

World Animation | Film Review | Waltz with Bashir

"This extraordinary animated documentary by Israeli film-maker Ari Folman - a kind of fictionalised docu-autobiography - suggests that Israelis have indeed forgotten, in a kind of huge, willed amnesia" (Bradshaw, 2008) Not only that but Waltz with Bashir , focuses on the journey of a ex-fighter who has amnesia and PTSD and he is trying to find clues as to why he has the same nightmare over and over. The nightmare that he constantly has is that he can hear screaming, he can see people in despair but doesn't know why. The real reason that Ari is feeling like this is because 300 Christian militia was responsible for Mutilating about 3000 refugees from Beirut.

As the story progresses we start to see the story from many different people's perspectives. With each story the overall film becomes more grittier and real to the audience. Although as an audience it feels hard to 100% connect with the animation the characters, "they are still, "cut-outs" in which one limb might move while the rest remains static. The effect should be flat, but the low-tech style somehow conveys an emotional depth that catches you by surprise. The characters appear in two dimensions, yet are intensely human." (Bradshaw, 2008)

Combined together this animation makes for uneasy viewing. It is still amazing in it's own right and does provoke, although the film does catch it's audience unaware and really hits home the message when we are presented with the real life deaths of refugees at the end of them film. That made the film real, and in everyones minds; that bit more tragic.


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