Saturday, 16 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage | Hero Models | Pipeline (Except texturing)

Clay Macrophage

UV Macrophage

Ambient Occlusion Macrophage

Wire Frame Macrophage

Clay Killer T and Helper T Cells

UV Killer T and Helper T Cells

Ambient Occlusion Killer T and Helper T C ells 

Wire Frame Killer T and Helper T Cells

Clay B Cell

UV B Cell

Ambient Occlusion B Cell

Wire Frame B Cell

For every cell other than the Macrophage the characters faces will be placed on top as a 2d layers that comes in via texturing. The idea is that there will be many different face textures for each cell to match their expressions. Another thing is that the B cell has a straight cylinder as a body as i aim to change the body shape after texturing to ensure that the textures work properly on the changed shape. 

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