Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage | Pre-viz without voiceover or callouts

Fantastic Voyage | Pre-viz from Samuel Johnson on Vimeo.

In my Pre-viz i am still missing a voiceover and callouts. In terms of the voiceover, i have already contacted the voiceover artist and he has already sent me back my file so they are ready to edit and put on. Another thing about the pre-viz is that some of the timings are off and need slowing down a bit more. A few parts need a different camera angle. For example the B cell growing into the Plasma cell will be more of a shot from his feet looking up rather than being the plain boring shot that it is at the moment.


  1. Sounds like you're a man with a plan, Sam: in terms of just improving your framing of characters etc, just take a look at this quick guide (there are a couple of scenes in your pre-viz when your character is too far over to the right of the screen, for example, with the frame just clipping his head and body, and a great big empty bit on the left - this maybe because you're using that area of the screen for text elements):

    1. Thanks Phil! That link was really nifty and helpful, I'll be bookmarking that! :)