Monday, 20 February 2017

Dissertation Proposal | OGR


  1. Your work is currently missing a title.
    The synopsis is poorly phrased and jumbled and your premise is not at all accurate- we are exposed more and more to violence socially and culturally and we are becoming more desensitised towards it- I absolutely disagree that our need for violence is fading away- in the way you describe, If you make such a statement- you have to be prepared to prove it and explore a range of pros and cons/ other views around it.
    Your research is overly web based at the moment and I don’t feel you have a good grasp of the concepts and theory you are trying to explore
    Read Freud Civilisation and its Discontents- and also explore societal attitudes in film studies to censorship etc. You need to read something like a teach yourself film studies book to get a grasp of this and basis film history and theory to consider how this subject relates to violence and genre in film/gaming.
    You should also be looking further at how gaming has evolved- particularly in the context of immersion and virtual reality- read But is it Art by Cynthia Freedland there is a chapter on digitization and dissemination.
    What do all the words you are using mean?- For example you discuss catharsis- where is your reading to help you understand this term and where it comes from in Freud? Another possible interesting avenue is in showing a better understanding of how society orders and controls urges towards violence- read Foucault Discipline and Punish

  2. Erich Fromm - Anatomy Of Human Destructiveness

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