Tuesday, 1 December 2015

What If? Metropolis | Digital Set Progress

On the previous post I had already UVed my buildings and figured out the camera position. But after playing about with Maya I have added a large amount of glowing bulbs to the buildings in the places that were shown on my concept art, I have incorporated stair to each building as it was pretty clear that there was no way of gaining access to the buildings. I have also added some spotlights to the floor which will have a spotlight on Maya in each of them, each of these will have the light fog effect, so that they look like how they should on my concept art. There is only a few more little things that I need to add to the scene i.e a path and some stairs on the priestess building, other than that i'm completely ready for texturing.


  1. Nice I really like the lights! ^_^ I'm excited to see this textured

  2. Thankyou Deanna! :) Hopefully the texture does it justice!