Tuesday, 19 January 2016

***Feedback Needed :)*** From Script to Screen | Rough Storyline

For the 'From Script to Screen' Project, i rummaged in the mysterious blue box i came out with An Executioner, A garden and a camera. So after talking to Phil he suggested the idea of making the story mostly through a flowers perspective and what attrocities they would see, how the gardener/grandma would instead look like the executioner to them and how it should be for a flower show or a vegatable growing show. Below is a rough idea of a story for this scenario.

The story begins with us seeing an old lady looking through the morning newspaper and spotting an advertisement for a local flower show, they are looking for some flower arrangements to be photographed and entered into a competition, which has a grand prize of appearing on the infamous Dahlia flower show. The old lady quickly decides that she wants in and goes straight to the tool shed to grab her gardening tools so that she can cut down some of her flowers so that she is able to arrange them to ready for a picture to be taken that may win her the competition.

Once the old woman has entered the shed we cut to the POV of one of the flowers that is going to be cut to be arranged. It’s in the flower’s perspective that everything is a desensitized version where flowers have true emotions and can go through pain much like humans. The way we once seen the old lady has completely changed, instead in the flower’s eyes she is an executioner. She is the person who brutalises the plants, therefore she also has the look to match and she is a demonic looking woman with plant blood splattered up her and the heads of daisies gathered round her neck, like badges of war. The camera pans from her feet to her head and then quickly to her hand as she removes her first weapon and deals a deathly strike to the roses, the sound of slicing can be heard almost as if it was like a human limb was severed. The Sunflower witnesses the whole tragedy, then swiftly turns its head 180 degrees to see his fellow daffodils being uprooted and having their roots torn off, their stems crushed and stuffed into a bag. The Sunflower is isolated and alone, it knows it is next. The old lady pulls out a machete and chops the sunflower down without hesitation and throws it also into the large bag. The revolting sight of many dying plants are now seen within the bag, it’s almost like a mass grave.

The old lady takes the flowers inside and begins to condition the flowers and ensuring that everything is placed into the oasis properly, she assembles the arrangement in quick time with movements so quick it seems they are blending together. After the arrangement is finished she takes several photos of the completed piece to send in to the newspaper, she tries many angles and produces many pictures, we see all of these photos laid out onto a black background, at this moment we see what the arrangement looks like from the old ladies POV. Once the pictures are finished and sent she covers up the plants and it cuts to black. The next day begins and she finds out that she has won. Everything is still black, the sound of a car beginning to start becomes the only thing that can be heard until the flower show has been reached. Crowd noises become louder and louder as the flowers are taken into the Dahlia flower show, when the cover is taken off so that the old lady can show the judges her arrangement, the judges don’t like it and give her low scores. She does not like this and goes home and disposes of her arrangement into a big compost heap, this is seen from the flowers point of view as it is being taken to the compost heap and when it is tossed onto it. This is when the camera cuts away from the flower’s POV and the camera spirals up to the sky whilst looking down on the sunflower that is beginning to wither and die on top of a mound of flowers. The flowers look normal for this shot but when the flower see the compost heap it sees it as a corpse pile as such. 

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