Thursday, 14 January 2016

Feedback Needed | From Script to Screen | Initial Ideas

  • ·         Garden executioner is hired to kill weeds that have grown out of control, so much so that they’re alive and deadly. He takes pictures of each one he Kills

  • ·         Executioner used to kill people but has now retired and wants to own a lovely garden to have in picture taken in the newspaper for monthly competition but he is too used to handling large weapons to carefully craft his garden

  • ·         The executioner is the villain and the story is a horror slasher story through the eyes of a handheld camera. His domain is a garden filed with poisonous and a dangerous plants.

  • ·         Executioner is a ghost, camera must be used to properly see him. Needs to be freed and secret lies in houses garden

  • ·         Guy who has been reincarnated into modern day with the memory of being an executioner in the past. Every time he awakes from sleep he is in the garden although going to sleep in bed. He has a photographic memory and therefore remembers horrific events and wants to discover his past life.

  • ·         Instead of a killing executioner. It is instead someone who executes an action such as a party organizer who takes pictures of all their events and this time specifically organised a large garden party.

  • ·         Life is seen from the flowers perspective, the executioner is instead the grandma/gardener. Flowers are being ‘brutalised’ in preparation for a renowned flower show. The only time we see the flowers from a human view is when a picture is taken of them. Essentially this story would be to show us what a livng flower goes through 

  • ·         A vegetable show is arising and to ensure that they are ready for pictures for the competition we see them being overfed and each vegetable that isn’t good enough being killed in brutal ways. In return making the gardener/grower the ‘executioner’ again
       Above are all of the current ideas that i have been able to generate from my given character, prop and environment. 'Executioner', 'Garden' and a 'Camera' were the three things that i picked out of the mysterious blue box. So far i feel like some of my ideas are getting there, Some feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

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