Sunday, 24 January 2016

From Script to Screen | Post-OGR | Re-Invented Story Idea

After the OGR feedback, it has been made clearer to me that my story needs to become a bit simpler. This is going to be done by changing the story layout into two takes that both depict polar opposites of the perspective for a human and a plant. To help with writing the script and progressing further i have re wrote my Premise, Logline and Step-Outline.

A lovely old lady wins local flower show through both the human and plant perspective.

A lovely old lady wins a flower show for her exquisite gardening skills, she is hailed for her work. Although through a plants eyes she is a bloodthirsty demonic being.

The start begins with the old lady wondering into her beautiful garden, the birds are singing, bees are buzzing and the sun is shining. Everything is jolly and joyous as she is walking down her garden path with her secateurs and trug at the ready to pick her best flowers that will be put forward for the best flower arrangement. She quite happily sifts through the plants and cutting away to throw the needed ones into the trug. She comes inside to begin arranging the flowers, the door shuts before the camera enters the house. Then going straight into a shot of the old lady winning 1st prize in the flower show, her smile is beaming. The photographer for the Blecksville Bugle is there so he can capture some lovely pictures of the old lady in all her happiness so that it can be put into the newspaper. The camera then cuts to some photos of the old lady and her arrangement. The screen fades to black to then welcome the viewer with a joyous song.

The screen then opens with the exact same shot as the first scene, The old woman is on her way to select and cut the needed plants. Instead of following her the camera instead goes backwards into the perspective of a sunflower plant. The sky darkens and becomes a dark bloodish red color and all of the surrounding scenery becomes morphed, sinister and obscure. The old woman doesn’t look so joyous and whimsical anymore, instead in the flowers view she is a monstrous hag woman, when the flowers are cut they are instead mauled, sliced and primed for the slaughter. Blood of the plants flies in different directions as the old lady builds her flower corpse collection, the groans grow louder and louder as the sound is piercing and unbearable to hear. Once again the old lady heads inside to take her gardening wares off and throws the trug on the side, the camera rolls up and cuts to the same flower show from the first scene, the old lady is accepting her first prize and the photographer takes pictures again, but this time they appear on the screen looking like photos that would be taken in a crime scene, the pictures are black and white and they depict the old lady as her demonic alter ego. The camera zooms in on the face of the old demonic lady, it freezes for a moment and then cuts to black, then shortly after the same song for the first cut to black will begin to play. 

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