Monday, 29 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage | Inital Story Idea

For the story of my animation, it will depict the immune response as a specialist superhero team that each have powers that match up to what the cells they are representing can actually do.

The story will start off in the "Base" of all of the super white blood cells when an alarm is raised to warn the team that there is an invading viral attack. A 'T cell' comes rushing in as he was the one who set the alarm off, this is because the viral attack is a foreign attack. 

The team quickly rush to defend against the incoming virus, first of all the Macrophage is able to defeat some germs but must call in for backup from the T and B cells as the Macrophage becomes over run by the virus as it begins to take hold. 

The B cell starts to build up it's energy so that when it exerts it all it is able to generate plenty of antibodies that can rush towards the virus and bind to them so that the cannot replicate. But unfortunately it is unable to generate enough and therefore needs a helping hand from a helper T cell. The helper T cell connects onto the B cell and starts to send signal through it that encourage faster antibody growth. When the Antibodies attach to the virus they start sucking upon the virus much like a leech would. This drains them of their ability to replicate.

Elsewhere there is the killer T cell is killing all of the cells that have already been infected by the virus. It does this by using an attack that makes the cell shrivel up and die. When the cell dies it de- materializes into nothingness. 

After the battle has been won, a few T and B cells stay behind. They act as the detectives of the immune response as they remain and ensure that they keep an accurate memory of how the virus worked and what it looked like. This consists of the T and B cells going around and scanning for clues. 

The story ends with the detective T and B cells, seeing a wave of virus flowing into the body, that is completely foreign, bigger and scarier. Therefore the job has to happen again and the cycle will repeat. 

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