Sunday, 7 February 2016

From Script to Screen | Experimental Thumbnails | Good & Evil Grannies

Good Grannies 1-2

Good Grannies 3-4

Good Grannies 5-9

Evil Grannies 1-10

Evil Grannies 11-18

After receiving feedback in my OGR i knew i needed to go back and look at the shapes and how to experiment with them. I have gone through and created some rounded shapes for the 'good grannies' to imply happiness, innocence to show they're not threatening in the slightest. Whereas with the 'evil grannies' i have tried to incorporate pointed and more triangular shapes, by doing this i think it certainly makes the grannies look more sinister and evil. 
With the thumbnails above i have explored slightly into how the body will look but i aim to explore further into elongated and pointier body shapes to convey evilness in the evil grannies. 

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  1. good to see this happening, Sam - nice stuff already happening because of it! :)