Friday, 12 February 2016

From Script to Screen | Good and Evil Granny Designs | Illustrator

Above is images for both the evil and good grannies, i have taken my designs into illustrator to make them cleaner and refined. The left (evil) Granny could probably do with some elongation to make the body look more evil. I'll have to go into illustrator again to uses the shape making facilities to try come up with a better body design. But for now here are some crisper grannies! ****Also tail or no tail?***

1 comment:

  1. well done, Sam - much improved! Re. the tail, if you want her to have a tail, then go for it - for one thing, the tail would actually drop down and curl up from under her dress, and if the tail itself had a fleshy thickness to it (like a rat's tail, for example - fatter towards the body,thinner towards the tip etc), then it would read as a tail, as opposed as reading like an object floating at the end of a length of string.