Sunday, 13 September 2015

Summer Project | Thumbnails (19-26)

19) For this thumbnail i used the shaver as inspiration. It was a fairly straightfoward process as i still kept the main shape of the object. When viewing the shaver the first time ever, all that would jump off the page to me is that the shaver most definitely looked like an animal's head. I'm going to try some different animal heads and experiment with the shavers unique shape. The only problem i have with this horse, is that it somewhat looks like the horse in that one family guy episode.... Sugar cube anyone?

20) For the helicopter i started with its propellers. The inspiration for this came from the wheel/motor thumbnail in the summer project. Once the propeller was finalized and drawn, i went onto making a simple helicopter body and made it look slightly three dimensional by adding in seats for passengers with a open door. To make this thumbnail better i would probably add some sort of control panel for the pilot in the front window. Oh and possibly a pilot too.

21) The umbrella may not be a machine or life form but i figured it might count as a structure? Anywho, i used the image that stands out to me as some sort of fishing tackle and manipulated it to be longer and have a widened end. The widened end would make the top of the umbrella, then afterwards all that need to be added was a few minor details to make it that little bit more realistic.

22) In this sketch the main idea is to turn the machine part into a surveillance camera with a fixture that is supposed to connect to a wall. I would have liked to have incorporated more wires and possibly a better look camera fitting.

23) The idea behind this thumbnail came from the light fitting from the summer project images. It is basically a machine that is used mine underground, on the front are two drills and two lights to help guide the way.

24) To make this vacuum cleaner i took inspiration from the wheel/motor image.

25) To create the this sketch of the dog I combined the seed like vase with the valve. The valve was used to make the ears of the dog and the vase was used to make the body. In my mind the image would have looked better if I just used the seed like vase as inspiration and made the body and head as one whole thing.

26) This idea came from the wing like object from the summer project. I decided that the part at the top looked like an open mouth and the remainder was a body. I would say this thumbnail is basically a frog in a suit.

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