Sunday, 13 September 2015

Summer Project | Thumbnails (10-18)

10) The flower thumbnail that can be seen was inspired by the singular flower vase. I made the shape of the flower by simply flipping the vase upside down and added petals around the top. The background flowers are there just to compliment the larger plant.

11) I got a bit carried away with this thumbnail. First of all i sketched out the head of the RoboDino and based it around the machine part. After adding eyes and teeth, i figured that adding the body would help visualize the size of the RoboDino. I do definitely need to work on hands a bit more though...

12) For this thumbnail i used the broach and flipped it upside down. Once the broach was flipped the first thing i seen was a bat in mid flight. With this thumbnail i only sketched out the bat and how it would look basically because i would like to go on and develop it. This could possibly include adding tears in the wings and maybe a bit of blood for good measure!

13) This was a combination of both the seed like vase and the machine part. This thumbnail is supposed to be a blimp/zeppelin with a minigun turret fixed underneath. I quite like this design, well the turret part. The inflated part seems too flat and instead looks like a whisk rather than the top of a zeppelin/blimp.

14) I used the valve piece in order to create this thumbnail which is a formula one racecar. To create this from the valve, i essentially used it to make the front wheels of the car. I repeated this for the rear wheels and then added the body on top. I quite like this design although i'd like to enhance and improve it by making the middle of the body work thicker.

15) In order to make a fish, i drew inspiration from the broach image on the summer project. This was pretty simple as i traced over the broaches outline then added lips to the mouth, scales and a couple of fins.

16) The idea around this thumbnail is that it is a sword that has a laser installed onto the front and is powered by microchips and motherboards. These are found on the handguard of the sword. With making the sword more futuristic i'm hoping that it makes it more of a machine than just a manual piece of weaponry. To make it look more futuristic i could add more mother board effects to the sword and potentially change the blade to make it look a little more extraordinary.

17) For this drawing i took the singular flower vase and split it into two pieces. that being the neck and the bow of the vase. With the neck of the vase i turned it into a jumping frog and mostly used the top of the vase to recreate the mouth and went from there. The bowl of the vase was used to create the fly, but i also used the thumbnail on the summer project that looked like wings to make the wings on the fly. The only thing i don't particularly like is the fact that the frogs eye's aren't really that visible

18) Once again this was a thumbnail in which my imagination went crazy! I started off with was the machine part. I flipped this 90 degrees and realized it looked like a robotic arm! So afterwards, i reflected the first robotic arm and then added a rocket launcher to one and a mini gun to the other. Things started to take shape nicely, then i added the chest and face in. For the facial features i tried to go for an angry look (although the butt chin doesn't help that). Once this was complete, i drew on the legs of the robot. This is personally where i think i hit a snag. This is because the knees of the robot don't look right to me, so i'm half tempted to go on and re-do this thumbnail but with clearer, crisper lines and with better knee placement.

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