Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Summer Project | Thumbnails (27-32)

On these two thumbnails I set myself a time challenge to see how quick I could draw my thought process.
27) This thumbnail is supposed to be a snake. The idea came from the shaver, once again like the horse from earlier, I decided that it works better as an animals head (life form). As said before these were very quick sketches, but I would like to re do the snake idea but with greater attention to detail.                                                                                                                             28) As bad as it sounds this idea came simply from the high heels. This is because I was thinking something with spindly legs would fit nicely into high heels, so I thought there would be nothing better than an ostrich. Although I could have done a better job with the wings.                                                                                     29) This thumbnail is inspired from the scissors, the lower arm of the scissors is the part that was used to create the trigger. The upper arm was used to make the hammer. After this I used the blades of the scissors to represent the barrel of the gun. I like the idea of using some of the objects on the summer project to make weaponry as there is no real limit on how the can be designed. I may attempt to draw more weaponry using different shapes and objects. 

30) For this drawing I used the singular flower vase and manipulated the base of it to create a swan like body. To make the neck of the swan I adhered to the shape of the neck of the vase, I just added a head on the top of it. Once again the problem I find is that the wings aren't so great... Maybe it's time to touch up on how to draw good wings :/ 

31) The inspiration for this piece can from the seed like vase, the main part of the bird that was based around that vase was its body. The idea was that the bird is supposed to be flying towards like its attempting to grab its prey or something. If the wings were a bit better then this could have looked better.

32) This thumbnail is based upon the lightbulb, it looks slightly like the character "newton" from the game Little Big Planet 3. I like this idea because in a way It has fuelled the fire for turning the light bulb into a characters face or something. 

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