Sunday, 13 September 2015

Summer Project | Thumbnails (1-9)

1) For the first thumbnail i have tried to create a spider with human aspects. I used the seed like vase as inspiration to get the right sizes for the body. The idea behind it is that spiders are generally depicted as evil and creepy, therefore i figured if i added a human face it would give the spider more expression and in return make the spider potentially terrifying.                                                                                                                  2) This thumbnail is supposed to be a fighter plane, much like the ones used in WWII. This was created by using the valve image, i did this by extending the left and right sides outwards to make wings. Afterwards to make the tail of the plane i added two more wings onto the back of the valve. To finish it off i used the tip of the valve as the place that the propeller would be placed.                                                                                                                                                                3) It was the scissors that gave me the idea for this thumbnail. It is supposed to be a dragster from the side. What i did to make the dragster was remove one of the arms from the scissors and use the circular part to make the front wheel of the dragster. The length and width of the scissors is what helped me see the body of the dragster. I really quite like this design, i would like to explore more into potentially creating different designs of a dragster, with different viewpoints. 

4) This thumbnail was also created by using the seed like vase. The inspiration came from the black markings on the vase. This is because every time i would glance at the vase i would see a nose and two eyes that resembled the nose and eyes of a sloth. 

5) The inspiration for this thumbnail came from the singular flower vase. First of all i found out that snakes are born from eggs, therefore i tried to use the top of the vase to make a mouth and the bottom into a broken egg with a newborn snake bursting out. Although i would like to change the eyes on the snake and give the thumbnail another go but possibly add a better skin texture and have the egg being broken a bit more. 

6) Once again i have used the seed like vase to make this thumbnail (i like to use the vase as inspiration apparently) How i did it was using the feet of the vase as wings for the rocket and the flame came from the wavy part underneath the vase. Although i like this rocket design i feel i could do with an entrance otherwise that poor little guy is trapped in there!

7) After recently watching Aladdin for the humpteenth million time, i looked at the singular flower vase and it came to me that if i manipulated the bottom of the vase to be a lamp, then the remainder of the vase could be the stem of the genie emerging out of it. Although the genie should be a bit bigger.

8) For this design i dabbled into making a hot air balloon out of the seed like vase or the light bulb. I went with the idea of making the lightbulb the balloon itself. My only problem is that it doesn't really have any flair or creativity, maybe i'll make the basket out of the other objects just to make it that little more funky.

9) First of all with this thumbnail i used the wheel object and rotated it 90 degrees, that was then i realized that it could potentially be a really awesome cannon! But at first i stuck with drawing a traditional style cannon to try and see what the wheel object would look like as a cannon. At this moment i then decided that the traditional cannon was too plain and boring; therefore i made it snazzier by instead creating a futuristic laser cannon instead.

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