Monday, 3 July 2017

Maya Tutorial | Games Assets | Maps 1-11

Part 1 - Base Normal Maps

45 Angle Rope Normal Map

90 Angle Rope Normal Map

Combined Rope Normal Maps

Rope Normals Attached to Bridge
Hypershade for Rope Normals
I feel the rope normal map tutorial was a success. I think learning how to overlay normal maps using different blending options was interesting. I certainly think that the final combined outcome doesn't look too bad.

Part 3 - Ambient Occlusion Maps

The ambient occlusion tutorial took longer than i expected at my own error. This is because I didn't freeze the transformations before I export out the .OBJ files. Thus leaving me with a white Occlusion map. This has since been fixed and can be seen in the GIFs Above. 

Part 4 - Base Diffuse Maps

Part 5 - Stone Base Maps

Part 6 - Pillar Maps

Part 7 -Rope Maps
Part 8 - Wood & Metal Maps

Part 9 - Diffuse Maps - Fabric Flag

Part 10 - Normal Maps Using Xnormal & Photoshop - Shield

Part 11 - Using Viewport 2.0 for Look Development & Rendering

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