Thursday, 22 October 2015

Invisible Cities | Baucis | Exterior Establishing Shot

The idea behind the city is that it relies on Nuclear waste to thrive, this waste is extracted from below or generated via their own power stations up top. It is necessary for the power station to exist so that the nuclear waste remains at a constant. Not only does the civilization use the waste for power but also to grow their food, as it works like steroids but for plants...  How does everyone feel about the use of clouds and the overall look of the city, bearing in mind it's supposed to be inhabited by a race unlike us in almost every way?


  1. Hey Samuel, it does give out some atmospheric feel but personally, I think it's too much? Maybe you could lower the opacity of the cloud layer slightly a little? :)

  2. Okay sounds like a plan! i'll pop and do that now :)