Thursday, 15 October 2015

Invisible Cities | Interior Concept Design Ideas

The above image is a little experiment i did after receiving my OGR feedback from Phil. The main idea is revolving around the fact that the residents of Baucis look down upon the ground below, therefore they would need some sort of Map/Globe room as the main hub for viewing the ground below. I would like to take the idea that the Map/Globe room is the main building of Baucis and that all of the other spyglasses, telescopes and other structures/ Buildings are built around it. I think it's also worth considering the map/globe room as one of my final concept drawings as the interior shot. 

This is another interior shot of a structure that is designed for hydroponics, the idea of hydroponics was given to me when i hadn't thought of a way of how the residents of Baucis would eat. So hydroponics to me was a good idea as it is a sustainable source of food. Next i would like to explore into what sort of food they eat, what they drink and how that is obtained. 


  1. Exciting developments - you might want to look at the famous production designer Ken Adam - you did all the old Bond sets - there's something about your 'globe room' that puts me in mind of his work on Dr Strangelove:

    1. Thankyou Phil! I love some of the work from Ken Adams! I'll be sure to try expanding my globe room to the size of the Dr Strangelove room!