Thursday, 15 October 2015

Invisible Cities | Telescope/Spyglass Thumbnails

These telescope/spyglasses adhere to the idea of Baucis being an alien civilisation. This is why i ave gone for a silver/green mix of colours, this is because i think it gives the impression of everything work on an unknown energy source like nuclear power etc. Thumbnail #1 is the telescope/spyglass that i have designed to be placed inside the building, mostly the map/globe room as with the seated area and the control hub it is better suited to be indoors. The power of this telescope/spyglass is also more powerful than the rest therefore more valuable, so objects like this would be safer indoors on Baucis. The second and third thumbnails would both be telescopes/spyglasses that would be used outdoors on Baucis, these would most likely be located near the edge of the city so that any residents can look straight down onto the ground below. Both of these telescopes/spyglasses have a large rotation so that it is possible to use them to look further up into the sky or right down to the floor.

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