Friday, 9 October 2015

Online Greenlight Review | Invisible Cities

For some reason when i tried to put the links to my work on the powerpoint it would crash... Therefore they are still all available on my blog :)

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  1. OGR 09/10/2015

    Hey Sam,

    First things first: I know you struggled with getting your OGR together etc - but you need to think about your presentation, Sam; your presentation is a bit of mess! :( Take a look at Mark's OGR and feel a touch of shame ;)

    More positively, I think your conception of Baucis as being like some alien observatory, with the human race being observed by something like in a petri dish or under a microscope is very promising. The idea of the architecture deriving from mechanisms for scrutiny is fascinating - perhaps more so than looking at the existing idea of those tripod martians - or perhaps a combination thereof. If you recall the Summer Challenge, in which you were challenged to combine shapes deriving from objects into new forms, this approach could make for great way of creating Baucis architecture; for example:

    You've got the idea of the legs of Baucis being like the telescopic legs of camera tripods. In terms of your interior, you've gone very science-fiction, but maybe you might want to think about an interior more exciting than a corridor... you'll see that a lot of my feedback has challenged students to think about the special significance of their choice of interior... I'm thinking that maybe, if the inhabitants of Baucis were fascinated by the surface of the earth, maybe they'd have a massive map room, or globe room - or some kind of interior that might express that fascination? More practically, the people of Baucis would need to eat - but eat what and how...? Hydroponics?