Tuesday, 13 October 2015

OGR Feedback | Next Steps | Baucis | Telescopes & Food

For Baucis it was recommended that i looked into better ways for the residents to view the world below them. I was given a few example images to spark some inspiration for telescopes, spyglasses and binoculars. I am aware that the images of telescopes are very vintage looking, but to make them match up to my idea for Baucis i plan to add some other shapes onto them and experiment with the core structure to hopefully make a few telescopes that have a very science-fiction feel to them. In order to give this feeling color wise i want to be able to make the telescopes out of silvery colors and some green aspects too.

In terms of food i have followed the idea given to me and gone down the route of implying that the residents of Baucis use hydroponics in order to eat. Although it is possible for the residents to live off of vegetation i would like to explore into the idea of the residents catching any flying animal and using them as food, things like geese, eagles maybe even some pigeons.

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