Thursday, 29 October 2015

What If? Metropolis | Thumbnails 8-16

After looking further into Romain de Tirtoff's work, it has become clearer to me that i need to find a way to stick to the high amount of curvature going on in his pieces whilst enrolling some art deco aspects into the buildings also.  To try get a feel for how some buildings in my city will look with a lot of curves and somewhat sticking the the female body structure, i have created 3 more very rough thumbnails and some silhouetted thumbnails.

This is to essentially find a way to put in an art movement that is usually very symmetrical and straight into a world filled with curves and wacky angles. I think to help with the way Art Deco looks and the mood it gives i will look further into how Art Deco works and at some strong examples of where it has been used. With the next set of thumbnails i will try to incorporate some colour and use some crisper lines as i have used too much scribbling to get down ideas, whereas that doesn't really match up with Titrtoff's style at all...

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