Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What If? Metropolis | 3d thumbnails

After the Maya extrusions were a success, i went back into maya and created a few more extrusions. With the previous and new extrusions i have taking bits and pieces from each one to for the curvature of a woman doing different elegant poses. I have made sure that i am still experimenting with patterns, so that i am still more working in the style of Erte. The only problem that i have come across is that Erte uses a lot of bold colourings in his illustrations, whereas my city being elegant and a place where everyone is rich but doesn't show it, i imagine the city to have more darker and cold tones rather than flamboyant tones. Therefore i am attempting to work with patterns that aren't necessarily seen for their true form until up close and colours that are still rather bold but not bright.

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