Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What If? Metropolis | Post-OGR Part 1 | Thumbnails 61-68

After the OGR i was recommended to look further into Art Deco and to ensure that my buildings were more in the style of my artist Romain de Tirtoff (Erte). The main challenge for me was to manage to incorporate the Art Deco style into my work, so to try to get my head around how the buildings would look i played around with the elliptical marquee tool and the rectangular marquee tool. This was so that i could get some interesting curved shapes that could be duplicated and manipulated to fit the style and crispness of Romain de Tirtoff's work. A few of the thumbnails were created with the help of Maya but i didn't use it to aid everyone of my thumbnails as it took too long to generate a shape that adhered to the curvature and female figure that i was looking for. Colour changes to make buildings look more elegant.

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  1. Keep looking at tonal value Sam. It's important for showing depth, but for stylized animation and design, be careful not to over contrast those values. It makes it look very sinister and painterly. So, some study on tonal range / value is required for this type of approach.