Thursday, 19 November 2015

What If? Metropolis | OGR Part 2

I have added this outside of the scribe document as i realised i hadn't posted the copy inside. This is essentially the rough breakdown of what will be digital set and what will be matte painting. The top segment is matte painting and the bottom is digital set.

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  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hey Sam,

    You've made real, demonstrable progress during this project. The development of your design methodology has been interesting, and the results, in terms of your key assets, largely successful. You've got the femininity and the elegance and the sophistication, and yet the resulting forms aren't too literal or obvious. Your final concept painting isn't doing your assets justice, as you've created a rather milky atmosphere that is doing away with all the sleek lines and your composition has a great big hole in it, in so much as there is a big empty space in the midground which you don't appear to be using at all. Your inexperience in terms of digital painting is letting you down here and compromising your ability to communicate more fully your vision for this space. That said, the cool, moonlit atmosphere is conveyed, but the actual structural form of your buildings isn't clear. In terms of fixing this composition, I suggest you consider using Maya block outs and quick paint-overs to experiment speedily. Personally, I think a camera view that is more 'human' based would be preferable; if you're trying to give a sense of haughty superiority, and these buildings 'looking down' upon the visitor, then keeping the camera low and 'in' the city (as opposed to hovering in mid-air) will yield more dramatic effects. You should work quickly to try out some alternate compositions, using Maya as your sand pit for playing in.

    In terms of presentation, your OGR demonstrates how you're trying to join up the dots, and that's positive. In terms, however, of presenting your production art, I think the black background is working against the effective display of your assets (as they are themselves dark). Also, you will need to tidy up your orthographics and present them more professionally. I suggest using Illustrator to tidy your drawings. You'll also need to provide the top view information before you try and model from your technical drawings.

    Lot of progress, but put simply, you're still a bit 'scruffy', Sam and I want you to polish, polish, polish. I look forward to seeing some alternate compositions, and some tidier production art.