Sunday, 15 November 2015

What If? Metropolis | House and Palace Thumbnails

With these thumbnails i wanted to use the female figure to act as the main structure holding up the building within. But to adhere to the 'cold' sort of atmosphere that is supposed to be felt within the city i have dimmed down the colors and made them slightly darker. The patterns that i have incorporated into the architecture of the buildings is somewhat minimalist, in the sense that the true extent of the pattern and it's elegance cannot be seen until you are close up to the buildings. I want to explore into smaller looking buildings that will litter around the main 'palace' area, the houses on the other hand i would like to still keep tall and very 'leggy' on the female looking side of the architecture. Next up i will look into tonal range and how my color palette will look and work in my final concept design.


  1. Hey Sam, I like the red and blue versions, and I don't mind the colour, because their strong, but not primary - the red especially still connotes glamour and wealth. For me, I think you should try filling in the negative space between the legs and arms etc. to further knock back the obviousness of the female form - while keeping the profiles and the curves. Can I suggest you look at Deanna's recent post, where she used the pen tool in Illustrator to 'tidy up' some of her designs into more resolved assets:

    1. Thanks for the advice Phil!
      I'll start churning out some thumbnails with the pen tool using the negative space in the Photoshop lesson today :)