Friday, 27 January 2017

Adaption B | Further Ideas

Mario Kart Adaptation - World Leaders? Cartoon Characters?

The way in which I would like to make this idea come to life is take each iconic world leader from a different country and model a Mario-style kart for them to race on a track. For the designs of each character I plan to take the traits, characteristics, time period and cultural background of each world leader and create a car that would have the essence and personality of that leader translated onto it.

The characters themselves would be designed in a cartoonist style, much like the style seen in many of the much famous Mario Kart 1-8, Super Smash Bros series and many more. As the characters in the game would be based off of the appearance of the real-life leaders, I would like to design the to be like a caricature of each leader.

I would like each leader to be the most iconic of the corresponding country as that allows me to select a leader from any era, much like the character selection that can be found in Sid Meier's Civilization. Each character in the Civilization games has theirs most significant features exaggerated slightly. I plan to do the same thing but also shrink them into a little kart and exaggerate the characters even further.

By Introducing historical figures to a Mario kart style world, there will need to be power-ups available that match the style of the game. For this adaption I would create power-ups that are universal for any character and can be picked up in the race by any character. On the other hand there would be specific power-ups that would only be accessible to certain characters i.e Abe Lincoln being able to use a homing eagle. Also each track could feature in a different time period and country. Maybe even during a specific battle?

With time taken into consideration i know that it wouldn't be possible to make the track and an array of characters therefore I may have to design a selection and only take one or two to the final stages.

Little brother Adaption

For this idea I would like to take a few recordings of my little brothers 'made-up' stories, of which are concocted on the spot usually and doesn't really make a huge amount of sense.

But the general premise is that I would like to use these recordings to be able to create a small animation where the words that are are recorded from him are taken literally to form some sort of character and slight plot. The character would most likely be Jayden (little brother) actually experiencing or "living out" one of the random nonsensical stories.

For this I would have to take a trip to Kettering for the weekend to record a series of different takes so that I can select from a few different story ideas. Of course Jayden will probably insist on some sort of payment (sweets) to liven his stories up a bit.

It maybe to my delight or despair that Jayden's stories are so fantastical and nonsensical. Trying to capture a good art style would be my main challenge and also sticking to it. As the project would be based around the adaption of Jayden's story as told by him, I feel that the designs should be more like a kids drawing on a notebook of a person rather than a normal generic character, although if the character is to be Jayden himself then maybe it'll be more worth keeping the character design more geared towards Jayden's personality.

Take famous hero and villain and turn it into a slapstick cartoon

The idea for this would be to take a classic good vs evil pairing a pit them against each other. Much like how the comedy/action would pan out for classic animated cartoons like : Wile E Coyote and Road Runner as well as Tom and Jerry.

This would of course making a list of different opposing characters and weighing in on which ones could work. For example Sherlock Holmes trying to chase after Jim Moriarty would translate to a cartoon environment where everything is over exaggerated. My job would be to model each of the opposing characters and create animation cycles for both of them, where they will either do an action on their own or with the other character.

There is many examples of opposing characters that could work if there were transported to the work of looney tunes and such.

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