Monday, 16 January 2017

Adaption A | The Science of a Zombie | Developed Idea

For Adaption A, I hope to cover the science of zombies. This of course is completely fictional and up for debate on how this may or may not be real-life science behind zombies, should the zombie apocalypse happen.

I have already looked into plenty of discursive evidence on how a zombie's brain works and how certain parts of the brain are active or deactivated and therefore correspond to a zombie's behavioural traits. I researched through a few Zombie infographics, although most of them containing steps on how to survive a zombie outbreak, there was a few parts that caught my eye. For example the image below shows the effect of the human body judging by where the bite is.

This image shows that the closer the proximity of the bite to the central nervous system, the higher the chance of falling unconscious and transforming in a shorter amount of time. To work along side this, I researched into which parts of the brain would be affected and relate that to their behaviour. I found some scientific research into what parts of the brain cause the zombie to want to eat brains and move at a slowed rate. With the research that was done could explain for how fast zombies brains work.

As seen in the image above, the zombies are separated into two different classes of CDHD. CDHD 1 and CDHD 2. CDHD 1 being for slower zombies and CDHD 2 being for fast. I would like to use the supposed discoveries behind CDHD and apply them to my infographic, so that I can better explain the differences of the two types of zombies through their brains.

Finally, I would like to use film examples of both fast and slow zombies to solidify their meanings and differences.

I believe that I will be creating a lot of the imagery for the infographic will be created using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. One that is finished, I will take this into After Effects to bring the infographic to life.

Slow zombies in movies

Dead rising
George Romero Films
Shaun of the Dead
Dead Set
The Walking Dead

Fast zombies in movies

World war z
28 days later
Warm bodies
Dawn of the Dead Remake

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