Monday, 30 January 2017

Adaption B | Race to the Whitehouse

Race to the Whitehouse

Originally the idea I had for Adaption B was to take various world leaders from different eras and attempt to mash them with a Mario-kart style world and game play physics.

After the tutorial with Alan we both agreed that the world leaders would be too broad and would translate better if it were to be based around the American Presidents instead.

When trying to incorporate the American Presidents, Me and Alan figured that a Mario kart style game would be better if it was the Presidents racing to the Whitehouse as if it were some sort of cannonball run or Rat Race in karts that each represent the President for their popularity, public views and maybe even some urban legends.

The Presidents would be racing to the Whitehouse whilst collecting popularity as if they would during an election. This would require them to use 'power-ups' to get the upper hand over each other. These 'power-ups' would potentially reflect the presidents election tactics or again, something that they are renowned for. For example, Obama is renowned for Obamacare therefore could be in a medical related vehicle or use medical related 'power-ups'

I would like the final outcome of this project to result in having two karts with corresponding Presidents modeled. These would have a few animation cycles that will consist of the President standing by the car, then climbing in it and driving away. The other animation cycles could be him driving, using a 'power-up', and idle cycle.

This of course will mean researching into each president that I desire to be in the race. Below is some of the presidents that I will Research into, design and may have as my final product:

  • George Washington
  • Barack Obama 
  • George Bush Senior/Junior
  • Ronald Reagen
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Richard Nixon
  • Bill Clinton
  • Andrew Jackson 

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