Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Reflective Statement | Narrative

When the Narrative project started our group looked strong and that we would be able to have a final animation. Unfortunately communication began to break down and certain feuds over roles and creative choices within the group began to damage our group. I felt like the group all could have helped each other a bit more to get the final task done and to avoid any arguments during this process. My roles were assigned to be director, marketing manager, producer, modeler and rigger. I feel like i was able to stick to all of these roles and offer my services further to the group to get some concept art finished and to help with other tasks too. All group members stuck to their roles when trading roles had finished. Some roles had to be taken from some people because they weren't producing anything for the group in those roles.

Overall our feel like our group was unable to gel together enough to put the project first. It's disappointing that after we finally found a way to create an animatic that jumped straight into the action and looked abstract, that the project was finished.

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