Friday, 13 January 2017

Film Review | Documentaries and Mockumentaries | Supersize me

Supersize me is a documentary that shows the audience what it would be like if a human male consumed McDonald's for 30 days. This of course means that it's not like most documentaries where there is a clear message to take away about politics or life.

Supersize me acts more of a visual aid for every person who eats McDonald's and sits and thinks "how bad would it be if I just ate McDonald's?". Essentially Supersize me is "The thinking man's Jackass".  (Thomas, 2004)

The main man who undertakes this challenge Morgan Spurlock. He intends to show McDonald's what they are doing to people and how many deaths they are responsible for. Suprisingly Morgan remains in good spirits through the whole month, that of course when he isn't throwing up.

After a while of the course of food Morgan starts to deteriorate and starts to concern his doctors hugely. they tell him that he will destroy his liver if he aims to carry on with what he is doing. Without a second thought after this meeting he went and grabbed another burger. That's dedication to a cause.

Of course this sort of thing will always grab the attention of
The audience. It's like when Fast food nation book came out everyone lost their minds over the horror stories of fast food places. But Supersize me Supersize the hit it gave you when you realise a man is essentially killing himself for everyone to see. That's why he is held up as a proper fat fighter. He fought against McDonald's and got them scared, no-one else has managed to accomplish such a thing.

Overall I feel like there wasn't much explaining needed to be done in Supersize me therefore became a little boring after a while. Although seeing Morgan go from a healthy young man into someone who looks like they're at deaths door has certainly made me think again

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