Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaption A | The Science Of...

How a supernova is caused

How a car works

Heavy Metal




Making Money




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  1. Hi Sam

    Pitch Feedback

    Firstly, I’m going to correct your use of language ‘The Science of….’ doesn’t need a ‘how’ added to it. For example, “The Science of a Supernova’ or ‘The Science of a Car’ is all you need. With that said your list has a wide range of topics which could fit in this project and in general terms fall into two categories – Firstly a more abstract / fictional approach and secondly a more realistic take. For example, ‘A Supernova’ is factual science where ‘A Zombie’ is pure fiction. If you choose to opt for the fictional route you will need to write an ‘evolved’ and ‘refined’ script before you can start work. This is a short project so you will need to achieve that very quickly. However, something more factual (or discursive) means there’s facts and opinions in the world already. For example, the science of comedy could become the ‘The Science of a Joke’ and then talk about the theories as to what makes a good joke, what we laugh at, and how medically that happens. Time is short for this project so you will need to choose quickly but make sure this is a not a snap decision, give it some thought.