Friday, 20 January 2017

Adaption A | Further Ideas

After my tutorial with Alan today, I have been told that the idea I was going for isn't the best of routes that I could take. With this i have thought through some ideas again and decided to go for a more literal approach. This meaning that I instead be using pure fact for the infographic, as the infographic needs to be interesting and capture the audience's attention it will need a large quantity of scientific facts. Below are 2 ideas I would like to do.

The Science of Dragsters - Elaborating on my earlier idea of looking into the science of cars, I have narrowed this to the science of dragsters. There are so many more differences between cars and dragsters than people realize and the infographic could be a brilliant way of educating people about the speeds that can be achieved by a dragster and exactly how that process works. This can include different types of dragsters and how they vary. There will be statistics about the engine and general trivia. After visiting Santa Pod Raceway a large amount of times to watch top fuel dragsters as I grew up, seen dragsters in action and up close in the pits. I've seen the preparation behind readying a car for a run and I've learned a lot from some of the Dragster crews. I feel that all this knowledge would be invaluable if this was to be my final chosen idea.

The Science of a Black Hole - Previously this idea was based around the science of a supernova. The problem with this idea is that i feel there isn't enough science specifically about the subject. Therefore i wanted to expand on the life of a star and how the supernova causes a black hole. On top of this i wanted to look into what is inside a black hole and what a black hole is. The facts I use will be widely researched and verified before finalizing.

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